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You can only order, not pay on this website.

  • Once you place your order, our team will calculate shipping and other charges (if applicable) and send you an updated email with the total amount.

You will receive your order details via email within 24 hours.

  • Order details emails are sent automatically by the e-commerce system and are handled by the sales department.
  • Shipping costs will be calculated after receiving your order and added to the order detail.
  • Shipping costs are based on your location and the dimensions and weight of your order. 
  • Payment costs and other charges (if applicable) will be added to the order detail.

What is an order detail email ?

  • The order details email contains the products you ordered, the number of pieces, unit price, sub total amount, shipping charges, exchange rate charges, total amount and other charges (if applicabel). It looks similar to a pro forma invoice, but is in HTML format and is in the body of the email..
  • There is no purchase obligation when an order detail email is received before payment. After payment your order is final.

Payment condition:

  • 100% Prepayment.

Payment method:

  • BANK: Bank details will be on the pro forma invoice.
    (Payments made outside the United States are subject to additional transfer and currency conversion fees..)
  • CREDIT-CARD: You will receive a payment request via an external secure terminal.
    (+6% Charge)

All our prices are exclusive of VAT (sales tax)

  • For buyers within the European Community: we need your VAT number for tax free delivery under the intra-Community supply regulation.
  • All our prices are in $ U.S. dollar.

What is a pro formal invoice?

  • Pro forma literally means ‘as a matter of form’. The pro forma invoice is a confirmed purchase order used to declare the value of the trade. It ensures pre-payment and that all components are there to avoid disagreements later. The final corresponding invoice will be sent after payment, for your accounts payable administration.
  • Basically, before you make payment, you can regard the order details in HTML format in the order details email as a proforma invoice before payment.
  • After we confirm receipt of your payment, our team will send you a proforma invoice in PDF format via email.