Goochafil - Your good channel to filtration & separation

How to order

You can order via the shopping cart on the website or by clicking on the Contact button in the upper right corner and submitting the form. Once you place an order from the website or submit the form, our team will contact you to confirm your order, shipping and delivery.

add to cart

Add items to your cart by clicking on the Add to cart icon. Click on the Cart icon at the top right of the site to access your cart.  You can delete item by yourself using the “×” icon in the cart. You can increase or reduce the quantity in the “Quantity” column to the current item and save the change by clicking Update Cart button. If you have Coupon Code please fill in the field and click Apply Coupon.


On the Cart page, choose your Shipping option if applicable. Input your Shipping Address and Bill Address and then click Proceed to Checkout buttonYour order will go to the Checkout page.

confirm order

On the Checkout page, you can review your Billing Details. If you need to ship to a different address, please click the check box Ship to a different address and then fill your address info. You can see order summary on the right. Confirm your order information, choose the payment way and click Place order to submit your order


After you submit order, you will receive an email regarding your order information from our team. Your order status is on Fee Assessment which means your shipping cost and other fees (if applicable) is under calculation. You will receive a update email soon regarding the cost and fees. You can find total amount and our account information in the email. Please check the email and make the payment.

order tracking

After payment, your order status turns to Payment Under Review. Once our team confirm your payment, your order status turns to In Preparation. You can track the status of your order in the  orders section by clicking Orders menu on the top bar. When delivering via Business Lines, you can independently track the status on the transport company’s website by indicating the order number. Your order status will turn to In Transit


Along with the goods, you will be given an invoice and a delivery note, which must be stamped by your organization, or signed by the buyer. Please note that upon receipt and payment of the order, the buyer, in the presence of the courier, is obliged to check the contents and appearance of the product for the absence of physical defects (scratches, cracks, chips, etc.) and the completeness of the package. After the courier leaves, claims on these issues will not be accepted. Your order status will turn to Finished Order or Completed